Yosemite Recycling & Protection

Yosemite Protection & Conservation

Anyone who has been to Yosemite National Park knows that this is a place worth protecting for future generations. As far back as the mid-1800s, the park was formally recognized as a place so special that Yosemite required protection for the enjoyment and use of future visitors. Not only is Yosemite a National Park, it has been designated as a World Heritage Site because of its outstanding universal value.

DNC is doing its part to help with Yosemite conservation efforts through its GreenPath program.  DNC sponsors a wide array of initiatives to protect and preserve this beautiful place.

There are also many ways that guests can participate in this effort to protect Yosemite. With 3.5 million visitors to Yosemite each year, recycling and water conservation are absolute necessities. Visitors are strongly encouraged to participate in our recycling program to protect this wonderful site for generations to come.