Mule & Horseback Rides

Yosemite Mule & Horseback Rides

Stable Rides

Saddle up!  With Yosemite mule rides and horseback riding adventures, you can enjoy the breath-taking views and majestic scenery of this incredible National Park.  We have three stables within the park boundaries, each offering unique scenery and a memorable experience.  Visit one, or all three, to see more of the park.  Two-hour, four-hour and all day Yosemite horseback riding and mule rides are available. 

Yosemite Valley Stable – the only stable leading guided trips in Yosemite Valley, the heart of Yosemite National Park. Open seasonally from May to October.

Tuolumne Stable – Yosemite’s high country stable, open seasonally in summer only.

Wawona Stable – historic charm and easy trails characterize rides in Wawona. Open seasonally from May to September.

Please arrive at the stable at least one hour prior to your ride.
Children must be at least 7 years old and 44" tall.
Maximum weight is 225 lbs.

Mule and Horseback Ride Rates

The rates are the same for each of our three stable locations within Yosemite National Park.

Yosemite Mule and Horseback Ride Rates
 2-hour ride  $65
 half-day ride  $88.50

To make your Yosemite horseback riding or mule ride reservations, please call the stable directly.

Other Stables Services

Eager to shed your pack and/or let someone else do the walking while you focus on enjoying the Yosemite backcountry? 

Custom, multi-day saddle and pack trips are also available through our stables.

ADA Features:

After first being evaluated, a stable employee will offer someone with special needs an opportunity to sit on a horse while being walked around the corral so they can enjoy the experience without compromising safety.

Why Mules?

In Yosemite, mule rides reign supreme.  Not only are these trail-wise and surefooted animals perfect for exploring the scenic and rugged terrain in Yosemite National Park, but their calm and even temperaments make them the ideal partner for your trail adventures.  If you prefer horses, we have more of them stabled in Wawona where the terrain is easier and gentler.  Please note: Riders are paired with animals based on availability and appropriateness.  You will not have a choice of which animal you will ride.