Junior Rangers

Junior Rangers at Yosemite

Encourage your child’s natural tendency to explore and care for their National Park by participating in a Junior Ranger program.  This unique Yosemite kids' attraction allows kids to earn the official Junior Ranger badge by completing an activity book ($3.50 plus tax), attending a one-hour Junior Ranger Walk, and picking up a bag of litter to help keep the park clean.  Junior Ranger walks are held daily during the summer.  See the latest issue of the Yosemite Guide for additional details.

Junior Ranger programs are for kids aged 7-13 and our Yosemite kids' activities for Little Cubs are designed for ages 3-6.

Complete your child’s transformation into a Junior Ranger with a few items from our online store.  These great souvenirs remind us that protecting our national parks doesn’t end when you leave Yosemite.