Housekeeping Camp

Housekeeping Camp Details

Unit Descriptions Each of the 266 units in the Housekeeping Camp area can accommodate up to six people. The units consist of three concrete walls, a concrete floor, double canvas roof and a fourth curtained wall. The curtain separates the sleeping area from a covered patio area with a privacy fence that's furnished with picnic table and bear-proof food storage containers. 

The sleeping area has 1 bunk bed (with 2 stacked twin mattresses), a double bed, table, chairs, mirror, electrical lights and outlets.  Two additional cots may be added to sleep a total of 6.  Housekeeping Camp's lodging does not include linens and daily housekeeping service, despite the camp's interesting name. There are no televisions or telephones.

Food Storage
Please help us keep our wildlife wild by storing your food properly in the bear-proof storage containers. We recommend using sealed plastic containers for storing your food inside the bear-resistant lockers. This makes it easier to keep your food organized, and away from campground critters.

Restrooms and Showers
Central restrooms and shower facilities with soap and towels are just a short walk away.

Please note that pets are not allowed at Housekeeping Camp. More information about pets in Yosemite is available on our website.

For more Housekeeping Camp lodging information, please inquire at the front desk, or when making your reservations.

Firewood Information

In an effort to protect Yosemite from invasive species, it is advised that you purchase your firewood at or near your camping destination.  Firewood can carry insects and diseases that threaten the health of Yosemite’s environment.  You can make a difference by buying and burning your firewood locally.  Local firewood is available at most stores in Yosemite.  For more information, visit the National Park Service website.