History of Bracebridge

Bracebridge History Talks

The Bracebridge Dinner is based on a fictional Old-English Christmas brought to life by author Washington Irving in his 1820 literary work, “Christmas at Bracebridge Hall.”  Occurring nearly every Christmas season since The Ahwahnee opened in 1927, the world-famous pageant is rich with history and tradition.  Through our History of Bracebridge Talks, you can catch a glimpse into the past and peek behind the scenes of this magical theatrical production.

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Start Time:
Schedule varies each year, see the Yosemite Guide or Ahwahnee Holiday flyer for additional details.

Schedule varies each year. The History of Bracebridge Talks generally take place on any day a Bracebridge Dinner is scheduled, typically between Dec 15-Dec 26.  For more information, check Ahwahnee Holiday flyer or Yosemite Guide.

½ hour

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See the Yosemite Guide for location.

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