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Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias is closed until spring 2017 - The Mariposa Grove is closed for a restoration project. More

Increase in incidence of plague in western United States in 2015 - Plague, which is carried by infected rodents and their fleas, was recently detected in rodents and fleas at Crane Flat and Tuolumne Meadows Campgrounds. The park has treated these areas and risk of exposure remains low. Don't touch or feed wildlife! More

High Sierra Camp Availability

Yosemite High Sierra Camps

Due to the high demand for historic Yosemite High Sierra Camps, reservations are available on a lottery basis for the following year. After the lottery winners are announced, a number of High Sierra Camps typically have availability, which can be reserved starting in late January. If you'd like to enjoy Yosemite’s high country from the relative comfort of a High Sierra Camp, please review the available dates below. Tentative open and closing dates for the High Sierra Camps can also be found at the bottom of this page.

Make a Reservation for This Season

To make a reservation for one of the available dates listed below, submit a request form and one of our agents will call to assist you. Due to the volume of requests, please submit only one request per party. If your dates are flexible or you have alternate dates, please note that information in the Notes section at the bottom of the form. We will only respond to one request per party and duplications will be deleted. 

Request A Reservation

HSC Availability as of August 27

Independent Hikes

MERCED LAKE  (early dates weather permitting)
14.6 mile hike from Tioga Road
Neighboring camps: Sunrise (10+ miles), Vogelsang (7.6 miles)

Aug  28 - 31 
Sep  1 - 4, 6

GLEN AULIN (early dates weather permitting)
5.7 mile hike from Tioga Road
Neighboring camps: Tuolumne Meadows Lodge (6 miles), May Lake (8 miles)

Aug  31 

MAY LAKE (early dates weather permitting)
2.7 mile hike from Tioga Road
Neighboring camps: Glen Aulin (8 miles), Sunrise (8 miles)

Aug  28, 30, 31
Sep  3

SUNRISE (early dates weather permitting)
5.3 mile hike from Tioga Road
Neighboring camps: May Lake (8 miles), Merced Lake (10+ miles)

Sep  5, 9

VOGELSANG (early dates weather permitting)
7 mile hike from Tioga Road
Neighboring camps: Tuolumne Meadows Lodge (7 miles), Merced Lake (7.6 miles)

Aug  29     
Sep  3

Meals Only   -  Limited availability

*Note that all distances are approximate and listed for general reference only.

7 Day Guided Hike (remaining spaces in parentheses)


5 Day Guided Hike

6 Day Saddle

SOLD OUT       

4 Day North Saddle


4 Day South Saddle

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High Sierra Camps 2015 Tentative Open & Close Dates

   Open  Close (after breakfast)
 Tuolumne Meadows Lodge Fri. May 22  Sun. Sep 20
 Glen Aulin Fri. Jun 19  Sun. Sept 13
 May Lake Fri. Jun 26  Sun. Sept 13
 Sunrise Thu. Jul 9  Sun. Sept 13
 Merced Lake Fri. Jul 3  Mon. Sep 7 (Labor Day)
 Vogelsang Thu. July 2  Mon. Sep 7 (Labor Day)

All dates are weather and conditions dependent.