High Sierra Camp Availability

Yosemite High Sierra Camps

High Sierra Camps are typically open mid-June through mid-September, weather permitting. See tentative open and close dates  below.

Lottery applications for the 2015 season are available from September 1, 2014 to November 1, 2014.  Plan ahead and find out how to apply for the High Sierra Camps Lottery.

This page will be updated with next summer's availability starting February 3, 2015 when the remaining spaces become available.

High Sierra Camps 2014 Tentative Open & Close Dates

 2014 Tentative Dates  Open  Close (after breakfast)
 Tuolumne Meadows Lodge  Fri. June 6  Sun. September 15 
 White Wolf  Fri. June 13  Sun. September 7
 Glen Aulin  Fri. June 20  Sun. September 14
 May Lake  Fri. June 27  Sun. September 14
 Sunrise  Thurs. July 10  Sun. September 14
 Merced  Fri. July 4  Sun. September 7
 Vogelsang  Thurs. July 3  Sun. September 7

 All dates are weather and conditions dependent.

High Sierra Camps 2015 Tentative Open & Close Dates

   Open  Close (after breakfast)
 Tuolumne Meadows Lodge Fri. June 5  Sun. September 20
 Glen Aulin Fri. June 19  Sun. Sept 13
 May Lake Fri. June 26  Sun. Sept 13
 Sunrise Thurs. July 9  Sun. Sept 13
 Merced Lake Thurs. July 3  Mon. Sept 7 (Labor Day)
 Vogelsang Thurs. July 2  Mon. Sept 7 (Labor Day)

All dates are weather and conditions dependent.