Dollar Donation Program

Your Dollar Donations help support programs in Yosemite

While staying in Yosemite you have the opportunity to donate $2/night upon checking into your lodging to help support an amazing array of youth and education programs in Yosemite.  The park features programs for youth through young adults, ages 4 through 25.  Experiences such as Junior Ranger programs, environmental education outings, college internships, and more are made possible in Yosemite National Park with your support.  All funds are collected and distributed through the National Park Foundation and Yosemite Conservancy.  Additional partners include NatureBridge and the Mariposa County Unified School District.  Learn more about our Youth in Yosemite partners,, and

Your support of these programs is truly appreciated; but if you prefer not to make a donation at this time, please let us know.  Simply notify the front desk at any time during your stay, and we will remove the donation from your account, or you can send an email to