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Testimonials from previous Guests


At Yosemite National Park, every experience is unique. Below, you'll find a collection of what others have said about their stay with us. And we'd love to hear from you, too. We encourage you to share your experience; send us your Yosemite testimonials.

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"we went to yosemite for just one day and it was gorgeous! we came all the way from deep south texas, an experience my family and I will never forget!"

Norma H.
Donna, TX

"I've lived in California my whole life and have never been to Yosemite until this summer. I was in awe of it's beauty. Hands down, Yosemite is the most beautiful place I've ever been. My family and I will be back every year. I just can't believe it took me this long to get here."

Elizabeth W.
Antelope, CA

"I had been to yosemite when i was younger, twice i believe, and it was always in the summer. This past year my boyfriend, some friends and i took a trip in february and stayed in upper pines tent grounds. All i have to say is that Yosemite in the winter is the most breathtaking and life changing place i have ever been to. The ush of hiking and camping in the snow is so exciting and an experience that i will never forget for the rest of my life. We have planned a trip for February 2010 because i really do not think that i can go another winter without visiting yosemite. I would also like to add that everyone that worked in the shops at curry village and in the main part of town were so wonderful and really made the trip THAT much better. I cant wait until february because i know its going to be another amazing and unforgettable trip!"

Jourdan O.
Fountain Valley, CA

"My first visit to the park was in Jan. 1975. Right after we arrived, the park closed the entrance due to heavy snow. It snowed for our entire visit (3 days) until we were leaving. We have returned at least every winter since (except during floods). It is truly our "happy place"."

Margery P.
Salinas, CA

"I was fortunate enough to be on a day trip (!) to Yosemite six years ago. I'm still of how breathtakingly beautiful in was and the pictures I took are still some of absolute favourites and have pride of place in my office. I now have another opportunity to visit in June and I can't wait. It's been too long."

Kim M.

"Looking forward to hiking the high country with my son and brother. I have a condition called RSD which is a pain syndrome . Hiking will be a challenged for me. This will not stop me from going. "Can't wait to hit the trail. " My pain will not stop me"

Marcia H.
Camarillo, CA

"Our family has been coming to Yosemite since before the fire fallls and the open dump where we could watch the bears, from the time when the rangers did not carry weapons to the time when bikers showed up and the next thing you know all Rangers carried weapons plus. With all the changes our entire family loves Yosemite and has always stayed in House Keeping camp, I personally have not gone every year, but the family as a whole has, and each generation as it grows takes their families. Thanks to our Parents and Grand Parents, and will continue to come years after year, for the peace, senic beauty, and freindly enviornment."

Anthony A.
Santa Rosa, CA

"I'm 12 years old, and I was 10 when my dad, brother, and I traveled up to yosemite. Through the whole 6 hour drive, I didn't take my eyes of my phone, my nintendo, and my netbook, and neither did my brother. We finally arrived. My dad proclaimed, "we're here", and we looked up. My brother and I gasped in perfect unison. We had made him pull over 3 times to take pictures, when we finally arrived at our hotel- the Wawona. He had some family problems, and we went out by the river before bed time. We talked as the river listened. We solved everything. We went home a happy family. We had changed, into better people. It was the majestic mountains and the beauty of everything in Yosemite that helped us."

Nikka P.
Diamond Bar, CA

"I have been going to Yosemite since I was 6yr old. I am now 43 and took my 7yr old son for the first time . The look on his face when we entered the valley floor was priceless!!! We rode are bikes everywhere and even had an encounter with a bear chasing a deer. I am so glad to share this beautiful place with my son as my father did with me. This is our yearly summer vacation and my son cant wait. We call this the Gate Way To Heaven. :)"

Deborah A.
North Las Vegas, NV

"We have been traveling to White Wolf for about 20 years. Every time we come out of the tunnel, I am in awe. It is so beautiful to see the granite cliffs and the scene that awaits on that drive."

Roseanna S.
Bakersfield, CA

"A great time and value. Set in a beautiful area of the park. An experience to remember for a lifetime for not only myself, but my kids and their cousins as well!"

Andrew O.
Ramblewood, NJ

"Leaving from San Francisco, we had several hours of driving before hitting the park. I'd been to Yosemite several times on solo trips, but Rich had not. He had agreed to spend his only week of vacation in Yosemite's back country solely on the strength of my testimonials. I did not worry, but he did. The undulating hills of California's central valley didn't hint at the drama to come. They were sun-scorched, monotonous, kind of tired. "Are we almost there? Because this isn't what I thought it'd be..." Then: Blam! We rounded a corner and a mighty wall of granite silenced him. Around another curve, a crowd of towering trees stared down at our tiny car. Suddenly, he knew. Yosemite doesn't leave doubters any breath for arguments. And what he didn't know that moment, he learned when we hiked into Glen Aulin, Rasin Lake, and Cathedral Lake. It was a week of relaxation so deep that we still gather energy from the memories - six years later. If I can convince someone to scale Cloud's Rest with us, I know where we will be married."

Kathleen M.
Duluth, GA

"We hiked the valley floor despite some rain. Also hiked up to Vernal FAlls on the same day. Awesome! We will be there every month for the duration of our vacation here in CA. We stayed in Curry Village in the cabins it was as usual a very awesome experience! We saw a beautiful bear up at Isles and that was a wonderful treat. Yosemite has such wonderful Healing properties, we just love it. We also did the Vernal Falls Hike, man that was a trip in itself. Wow!! The awesome beauty can't really be described in words one has to actually be there to feel it. We're staying in placerville and will definately be back again to visit this most awesome place!!"

Jesse O.
Pepeekeo, HI

"We haven't been to Yosemite since my daughter was 5. Some of her friends and their families were going this year, so we thought it would be a great place for them to hang out in a safe, family friendly environment. They loved it, even without their laptops and video games! Yosemite feels like home, and we're always sad to leave."

Jennifer R.
Burbank, CA

"Tuoloumne Meadows, stars so bright the sky is glowing, laying back and looking up as the Ranger led star gazing program finishes, a single shooting star arcs across the whole sky from East to West. Unforgettable!"

Marcus K.
Trabuco Canyon, CA

"Last October, I invited my family to celebrate my 60th birthday in Yosemite. My first visit to the Park was in 1964 with my sister and parents. I remembered seeing The Fire Fall as it descended from Glacier Point and listened to my mother's stories of her first visit to the Park with her family in 1924. They camped in the Park for three months, swimming in the Merced River, exploring the many nature trails, and slept under thr stars. Our four day visit for my birthday was absolutely magical! An early storm had just passed through the Park when we arrived in the evening. The next morning, we were all surprised to see that all the falls full of water and the Valley meadows and fields fresh and golden. What a sight!! I was treated to a delicious birthday dinner at the Ahwahnee Hotel and our lodgings at the Yosemite Lodge at the Falls were delightful and so close to all the Park's activities, services, and many nature trails. While the Fire Fall is long gone, the grandeur, romance, and stunning natural beauty of Yosemite remain. I hope to again return to Yosemite for my birthday this year and relive the magic."

Andrew P.
Aptos, CA

"My family and I have been going to Yosemtie each year, for the last 35 years straight. We've seen it change alot over the years. It's filled our lives with great memories .... everything from seeing bears in the campground to families of deer in the fields. We've got survival stories of going thru floods, and magnificent rain storms. We cherish every experience. We wouldn't change a single event. The relaxing rides down the river,...the hikes alongside the waterfalls. My favorite is watching the Perseid meteor showers each year up on Glacier point til the wee hours of the morning. We've seen Yosemite at its best, and at it's worst, (it's still a great time even then), but all those events have filled our lives with stories to tell. It's been a romance that our four generations of family want to relive each and every year. At times, we say that next year we'll go somewhere different next year,...then a few months go by and the longing starts all over again. By the time summer arrives, we're desperate to get away and see it all again. Somehow, it speaks tot he soul of a simpler time, a simpler life without all the hustle and buslte of a modern world. At heart, ... it's the same now as it was thousands of years ago. It's inspirational, and mesmerizing. Even the air carries a sweet gentleness that leaves you feeling refreshed. It's a don't miss experience and will keep you wanting to come back for a lifetime. There is litterally, no place we would rather be."

Glen V.
Simi Valley, CA

"We have been coming to Yosemite since my daughter was 4 years old - she is now 11, always at the same time and weekend in July staying at the Curry Village. It has now become our family tradition to come. This year, we invited my 7 year old nephew and his parents to join us. They have never been to a National Park let alone canvas camping, being out in the open great outdoors or seeing a mule deer a foot away! Their new experiences was a way for us to enjoy Yosemite through the eyes of newcomers - the awesome grandeur of El Cap, napping and waking up to Half Dome, swimming under Stoneman Bridge, and biking all around the park enjoying the nature around us. Nothing can wrong here! Yosemite has created so many memories uncomparable to any trips that we have taken! We will celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary this October at the lodge! We cant wait to come back - the trees seem to welcome us back everytime we come through that tunnel!"

Millie W.
Moraga, CA

"Being from California and having visited the park in the past, I expected a lot of people. What I didn't expect was how quickly I was served in restaurants and in gift shops. I was absolutely amazed at how knowledgeable every staff member was. It didn't matter if the staff member was a cashier in a gift shop or a porter at the hotel, I was able to get detailed information about shuttle bus operations, recommended trail hikes and virtually anything else I asked about, they had the answer. That made our stay so enjoyable."

Patricia U.
Big Bear Lake, CA

"I have three teenagers who have grown up in Southern California. They don't go anywhere without their electronic gadgets- ipods, gameboys, and of course the cell phone. I will never forget their reactions the first time we entered Yosemite Valley in June. They all gasped when they saw the waterfalls -almost in unison. They asked us to pull over and started running across the meadow taking pictures while marveling at the wonder of Yosemite."

Julie D.
Simi Valley, CA

"Returning home from my son's wedding festivities in the Chapel and at the Awanee, I noticed that my front license plate was missing. I thought surely it had come loose and was laying alongside the road waiting for CALTRANS pickup and disposal.... Two weeks after arriving home the postal service delivered a package containing the missing plate. I have no idea how many hands my license plate passed through returning to me, but kudos to each and every person that handled the return, I"d also like the general public to know that Lost and Found at Yosemite really works."

James T.
Downey, CA


Barbara S.
Roseville, CA

"I had an incredible experience hiking to Vernal Fall last summer. The solitary hike was like the most uplifting experiences I've ever had. The simplcity and beauty of nature has awakened something inside me. So it is not too much to call it a spriitual experience. We stayed at Curry Village so we laid down by the Merced River to watch stars. Many photos I took during this trip were like postcards."

Cecillia C.
Fremont, CA

"yosemite is my heaven on earth.I belived that it"s the closes you can come to heaven without dying.I've hicked every trail,seen all the a momma bear show her cub how to pick apples of the tree.At nigth time the sky opens and you can see millions of stars.I found myself in yosemite.Keep the park clean please so more people can enjoy nature as i do.Housekeepingcamp is where i always will return to."

Vivi Z.
Whittier, CA

"We were in awe at the uniqueness of Yosemite. It was a spectacular trip and one we'll never forget."

Ann L.
Glenview, IL

"My father recently passed away and he was the one that got us started us on going to this beautiful place. My mother thought that the only image on his head stone that would remind us of him was a picture of the valley as you drive through the tunnel. So now when we vist my father, we think of him in Yosemite. In memory of Raul Ramirez."

Marcos R.
Carson, CA

"Travelling to Yosemite was an unbelievable experience which I will never forget. It was the second stop on our Honeymoon, and I have to say it was really really special. The views are magnificent! The staff were lovely and I would love to think that I could go back in years to come to relive what I had experienced while we were there. I cannot recommend this highly enough."

Susan C.

"If you don't like rustic, Don't go here. But I loved it. My son complained cause there was no air conditioning but we raised the windows and it got pretty chilly by the next morning. This place reminded me of the place out of Dirty Dancing. The breakfast buffet was great and the wait staff is awesome. We never seen the bottom of our coffee cups and they were right at your elbows the whole time willing to just please you. It was smoky in the park because of all the fires outside the park but we still got to see some awesome sights. We will return."

Ellen R.
Arab, AL

"This was a wonderful way to celebrate the season especially since I (Sam) had had a 3 Way by Pass on Nov.15th 2006"

Sam & Norma S.
Discovery Bay, CA

"This Was The Best Year At Yosemite Because My Whole Family And Extended Family Went! It Was 10 Beautiful Days Of Gorgeous Afternoons And Breathtaking Nights. From The Great Hikes To The Half Dome To The Endless Stargazing At Night. So Many Beautiful Things And Places To See In Yosemite That 10 Days Is Not Nearly Enough To See Everything. I Have Been Going To Yosemite Since 1969. My Parents Started Taking Us Every 3 Years Since Then And Now They Are Going With Their Grandchildren. This Tradition Will Never End In This Family ! Thank You Yosemite, For So Many Years Of Joy To Our Lives."

Maria T.
Baldwin Park, Ca

"My family visited Yosemite when I was a teenager and I fell in love with the park at that time. When my own children were teenagers I decided to bring them to my favorite place in the world almost fearful of how I would now feel about the park. Upon driving in all the old feeling came back. All the troubles of the world seem to melt away as soon as you see the valley!! Still my number one spot in the world."

Mary T.
Yorktown Heights, NY

"I went to Yosimite every year from the time I was 2 (1979) until the time I was 15. I would go with my family and we would love the week we spent. I have returned about 5 times since then and Yosimite has not changed at all, which is porbably my favorite part. While the world is so technologicail ( cell phones, computers, etc.) Yosimite stays a beatiful constent."

Austin B.
Redondo Beach, CA

"Being a Marine Corps veteran I have been all over the world and seen many different unique enviornments. I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THIS. I first came to Yosemite when I was in the 9th grade and have since never forgotten my experience. Now I am out of the service and have relocated to Fresno. I try to visit Yosemite every weekend. It is the most beautiful and breathtaking place I have ever been to. Thank you John Muir!"

John H.
Fresno, CA


Zoila C.
West Palm Beach, FL

"My husband and I have been returning to Yosemite Valley once or twice a year since '99. It was most exciting to remember our last trip as we encountered 2 bear cubs cross the street in front of our car. A treat to see a huge bear grazing in a meadow as we left the park. There is truly no other place we would rather be."

Evelyn O.
Pepeekeo, HI

"My first visit to Yosemite was in 1956 with my future wife and her parents. At that time there was about 3 couples in the campground. The only store was buy the church, It was out of this world. We stayed for a week back then every time we camped. We got marriied the next year and haven,t missed a year since for at least 2 days . We celebrate our 52 nd june first and guess where we will be . Every year I reserve for the next year. We never get tired of seeing the beauty of it."

Stanley W.
Winnetka, CA

"We stayed for two nights camping at Yosemite park and we had a blast, though on Sunday it rained and we left a bit early due to it. But when we were on our way out of the park early Sunday morning, we saw what I can described was one of the most awesome sight I have ever seen in my life. It was like seeing Shangri-La, as the mountains slowy appeared through the clouds. It looked like ancient cities hidden in the mountains. It was the first weekend of spring and it was perfect timing. We had a wonderful weekend, one of many of course. It's too bad the Firefall tradition had ended in 1968. From what I understand and heard, that is a site as awesome as seeing the Haley's comet. I hope some day that tradition will come back again in my lifetime."

David L.
San Jose, CA

"There are very few places in the world, that generate the energy that Yosemite has. If you return every year (or every certain period of time) to the park, your soul will be renewed. My wife and I, enjoy to go to the park as mcuh as We can (we live in Mexico City)."

Al J.
Mexico City, Mexico

"When my mom was pregnant with me 21 years ago, I went to yosemite for the first time, without even being able to view it's beauty. Every year since my birth we have camped in Tuoloumne Meadows. We meet with tons of family and stay for about a week in the summer time. That one week during the summer is what I look forward too each year. I've never gotten tired of yosemite, and I don't think I ever will. I love yosemite the hikes, the plants, the rivers, the lakes, the rocks. Everything about this place is magical, and I know I will be coming back for many, many years. And I'll be sure to take my child here and continue on that tradition. My dream vacation is staying in a tent in yosemite, not in a high class hotel in Hawaii, just simply put theres no feeling that compares when we embark on the 8 hour drive and finally reach Lee Vining and happiness overcomes me."

Monica D.
Poway, CA

"We stayed alonge the river had a great time. All the families at one point wanted to stay for more day. So we booked the day we left for 2008. We have made this our family annual camping trip, so our grand kids will know this experiance."

Victoria A.
Whittier, CA

"My last visit was with my mother who was dying of cancer. We rented a cabin at Curry Village, and i read to her and we truly shared a bonding with each other and nature i will never forget. She had hoped to see the wildflowers, but our view was filled with snow... Being an artist, i watercolored our view filled with wildflowers. i remember alongside the merced river she told me of her fears of death and how safe she felt in the shadow of el capitan. She died within the month and i have not returned since, but will be there next week to clebrate her life, my life and the grandeur of the park."

John G.
San Francisco, CA

"Ever since I left I have been counting down the days for when I can reserve my camp ground again. I am not sure there is anything to describe it or compare to it. I'm hooked and gladly so."

Perry R.
Memhis, TN

"If you want a surreal view of Half Dome, be sure to visit Granite Peak. If you want to view waterfalls at their fullest volume, tumultuous curtains of water, visit Yosemite in springtime. the waterfalls are full of the melting water of the high Sierra mountain snows! To avoid crowds, visit before or after summertime peak!"

Karen K.
Palo Alto, CA

"My family and I have visited beautiful Yosemite every summer since I was seven years old and I have never grown tired of it. Now that I have children of my own I plan on continuing the family tradition."

Elaine S.
Covina, CA

"This is the most stress free way to do camping with the soothing sound of nearby yosemite falls. The good thing about this tent-less camping is that we can reach there as late as it can be, and still not feel any fatigue. Friday afternoon driving is then no more concern for this type of camping some of us may have. We reached at 1am first time we went there 3-4 springs back. This place allows us to enjoy the nature much better and it's not even 50$ more per night than the 25$ per night camping every where. Tends to be chilly; but then we can accomodate comforter in our car/van instead of usual camping tent/tarp."  [Ed. Ravindra stayed at Curry Village]

Ravindra T.
Cupertino, CA

"Yosemite takes my breath away. It is a feast for the eyes and soul. I've had breast cancer twice and if I could wish for anything it would be to attend the Bracebridge yuletide feast there. I had the pleasure of working in Mammoth Lakes many years ago and Yosemite was my back door! Talk about heaven on earth!. The gracious hospitality of the staff, The heartstopping scenery. The cozy comfort of home with the exhilaration of all the recreational activitives afforded make a vacation at Yosemite a dream of a lifetime."

Yvonne C.
Erie, PA

"My class went on a two week field trip to Yosemite. It had to be the best place because we got to learn about the geology of Yosemite and really bond with each othet in an amazing way."

Caroline S.
Palm Desert,CA

"What can I say but "Oh my God" I have been going to this wonderful place for mor than 40 years and it always takes my breath away. I will come to a ripe old age and this place will never age, this is a wonderful magical place. Some where some force did right in the world,J.R.R. Tolken could not have thought up of such a place."

Hebe N.
Gilroy, CA.

"We visited Yosemite during our 3 week stay in California from the UK. This was the highlight of our trip, and we would love to return as soon as we can! The views are stunning, the weather was great and we even got to go rafting!"

Simon B.
Southhampton, UK

"Since coming to this state I have visited quite a few national parks. No other place was as breathtaking and relaxing as yosemite park. Nice workers, fun activities and great scenery makes me want to go there again and again!"

Kamlesh S.
Turlock, CA

"Our stay was fabulous! We celebrated our anniversary and though we'd been to Yosemite many times, this stay was especially wonderful. Staff attentiveness, beautiful surroundings, general ambiance --- perfect!"

Sharon G.
San Jose, CA


"I was really impressed with the place. We loved it. At first I was discouraged because I didn't know the check-in time was at 3 p.m. and we got there early and she told me that our tent wasn't ready that they needed to clean it. When we were able to check In I was dissapointed because it did not look clean at all. I had to sweap up the floor and it was very dirty. Other than that, I was very pleased. The bathrooms were always cleaned and the showers, I loved it. They provide everything you need to shower. I will definitely come back. Thank you!"

Lillian H.
Norwalk, CA

"I am in love with Yosemite since I worked in the valley as a kid. I have tried to vistit twice a year since. the highlight was a high sierra camp experience that was incredible. After A short stay at Tuolumne my daughter and I hiked to Glen Aulin and enjoyed a night of sunsets, great food, and new friends. The next day we hiked to May Lake which was tougher than we expected but when met at the camp with fresh lemonade and a gourmet meal with a view that cant be beat, we were ready the next day for the hike to Sunrise where we spent two wonderful nights with a day of fishing in between. The trout would not stop biting in a nearby stream and the trout were cooked up that night for us at the camp where we also celebrated my daughters birthday. The hike back to tuolumne was gorgeous and ended with a wonderful thunder, lightening and hail storm that sent waterfalls down Lembert dome and most other parts of the park. We were glad to get another wonderful meal at Tuolumne lodge and sad to leave. What a precious, sacred, wonderful place. thank you to all the wonderful staff that made our trip possible."

Robert S.
Hilo, HI

"I love Yosemite and the Ahwahnee Hotel. We have visted twice a year for 40+ years. I just wanted to thank Mr. Chance Jorgensen for the wonderful opportunity to celebrate my 65th birthday this coming March 16th. Thank you again. See you soon."

Richard B.
Santa Barbara, CA

"Lucky to have grown up here in California I have come to love all that it has to offer, with Yosemite at the top of my list. I've visited the valley numerous times but only recently did I discover the High Sierra Camps. In 2008 we went to Vogelsang and last year Glen Aulin. The trail from Glen Aulin back to Tuolomne I think I got a taste of heaven. The softness of the river, the quiet of the woods, the pace of nature. That's what the outdoors is all about!

Julia E.
San Francisco, CA

"This will be the fifth consecutive year that my daughter and I have come to Yosemite and stayed in Curry Village. We started when she was three and haven't missed a year since. Yosemite captivates me every time I'm there. It truly is natures cathedral. Curry Village is a wonderful way to camp and feel close to nature and make good friends. I hope that we can continue coming and that I get to go with my grandchildren one day!!!"

Julie F.
San Jose, CA

"We had the best pizza at Curry Village area , never had a healther colorful great tasting pizza like that one in my life!"

Bessie C.
Le Grand, CA

"My wife has always wanted to see Yosemite, so starting last year she worked hard to plan this trip for the family. The service we received from the staff in reservations was outstanding and we were able to book our entire stay in Housekeeping camp. We arrived into Yosemite Valley and the staff in Housekeeping camp were friendly and more than happy to answer questions. We were able to rent some basic equipment (stove, pillows, etc) from the warehouse which made our packing much easier since we flew from NC into San Francisco. The bedding we rented was clean and the stove worked perfectly. The camp store had just about everything you would need if you ran out or had forgotten something. The Village store had even a wider selection of supplies. The campsite in Housekeeping was very nice and well kept for a campsite. The mattresses in the unit were actually quite comfortable and we all slept well each night. Had a wonderful time in Housekeeping Camp and an unforgetable vacation in the park. The valley has quite a bit to see. The falls were beautiful and the weather we had was perfect. We experienced the Mist Trail, Half Dome, Glacier Point, John Muir Trail, Tioga Road, Mariposa Grove, Tuolumne Meadows, Mirror Lake and many more. Wonderful experience, we did not want to leave and we are ready to come back! Thank you to all the staff that made this trip an experience for a lifetime!"

Robert L.
Hillsborough, NC

"My husband and I have been visiting Yosemite Valley for 23 years now. We enjoy hiking, biking, rafting and just relaxing in the beautiful surroundings. We usually visit during the summer but have gone skiing in the winter too. We've stayed in camp grounds, cabins and housekeeping. We have taken different family members and friends who have returned for visits on their own. Our children (15 and 12) request to go there. Their preference is housekeeping during the summer."

Denise D.
San Diego, CA

"We have been visiting Yosemite for over 20 years. From our first awe-inspiring visit, to our most recent to enjoy the fall foliage, each trip is wonderfully unique. We have stayed at the Ahwahnee, Yosemite Lodge and Curry Village, as well as up at White Wolf and Tuolumne Meadows. Each lodging has its own wonderfully special unique attributes. If you want luxury and pampering, it's the Ahwahnee; more rustic and quiet, Curry Village, or for a blend of both, Yosemite Lodge. There is something about stepping out your door into all that grandeur that helps to remind you of what's important in life, and why it's important to support and visit our country's National Parks. They are a glorious gift, to be enjoyed by all.”

Claudia N.
Modesto, CA

"We did the bracebridge dinner package at the yosemite lodge. We had a fabulous stay. It was romantic, and uncrowded!!!! The park in winter is a totally different experience. Splurge at least once in your life. It was very worth it for us"

Elizabeth T.
Pasadena, CA

"My sister, our kids and I stayed in Curry Village. It was spectacular. I am sorry to hear about the injuries from the rock slides and hope everyone is ok. I can't wait to go back. We do have to remember we are only visitors in this majestic miracle of nature. I only hope the cabin we stayed in is intact. Can't wait to return to Merced River's calm, Half Dome's beauty and El Capitan's strength. "

Martha M.
West Covina, CA

"Highest praise for Brian and Robert, managers of May Lake and Glen Aulin"

Paul S.
Los Angeles, CA

"We stayed at Glen Aulin, May Lake, Sunrise and Tuolumne Lodges and had a great time at all. The food was fantastic. The showers didn't work at Glen Aulin, but we were able to swim to get clean. The camp manager at May Lake (Rich?) was outstanding. He was welcoming, witty and entertaining. His dinner talk about the history of the camps was a welcome break from the routine. Please let him know how much we appreciated it."

Todd S.
San Francisco, CA

"Everything about the trip was great was great, ESPECIALLY THE FOOD & THE KINDNESS OF THE PARK EMPLOYEES. They treated us like we were kings."

Andrew B.
Placentia, CA

"I was visiting Henk and Georgia Parsons (volenteers) there and had a wounderfull tour on your shuttle service. Your resteraunt has GOOD food at a very reasonable price. It is the most beautiful."

Harry R.
Auburn, CA

"The staff at The Lodge was gracious, helpful, attentive and helped guests remain as calm as possible during a very stressful period.... the Telegraph Fire. Thank you...we spent a lovely few days there! We just booked for next year!"

Lucia M.
San Francisco, CA

"My husband and I met some friends there for a few days of staying in Yosemite. We fell in love with the laid back and extremely friendly service. It was a welcome sight in the evening after spending the day in the busier part of the park namely Yosemite Vally. We loved the piano player and some mornings there was a guitar player in the living room waiting for his breakfast party." [Editor's note: Eileen stayed at Wawona Hotel]

Eileen H.
Blue Ash, OH

"Yosemite is incredibly beautiful. My husband took me for my 50th birthday and we stayed at Wawona. It was relaxing and had every amenity we needed, including a bus ride to the valley. I would highly recommend going to Yosemite and staying at the beautiful Wawona Hotel."

Cindy S.
Minneapolis, MN

"We had a truly memorable lunch on our visit to The Ahwahnee Lodge in the Grand Dinning Hall. Even though they were very busy the tables are spaced perfectly so you felt the friendliness of the other dinners and yet were far enough away to never need to squeeze or be bumped by chairs or entering patrons. The menu was very diverse and had a good wine list and selection of beers. I felt the elegance around me and yet very polite and professional servers. Don't miss this incredible place. We will be back!"

Dan B.
Long Beach, CA

"My family and I enjoyed our stay at the curry village facilities, I had not been back for over 20 years and this was my wifes and son's first time to yosemite. The acomodations were great, though if your looking for a place to "rough it" you might be disappointed, since there is no cooking in the camp grounds and you have to go to a nearby camp site or picnic area to cook a hot meal for yourself. Otherwise the camp grounds have a great dinning area that has everything you would want to eat as far as hot food and then some, they have a nice pizza parlor for ll to enjoy. The shower houses are clean and well kept and very accesible to the campers. Overall we had a great time and are already talking about going back next year."

Carlos P.
San Francisco, CA

"What a delight to discover the Ahwahnee during a day drive through the park, while escorting my parents from their winter retreat in Phoenix to their home in Steilacoom Washington. Thank you Marty for your excellent service, and for taking the extra time to help us understand the historical significance of that wonderful structure. The lunch was wonderful. I can't wait to return to stay a few nights, and take in the fullness of accommodation that the Ahwahnee has to offer. Lunch at the Ahwahnee was indeed the highlight of our five day trip. My new goal is to experience the Ahwahnee in each of the seasons, and to share it with my closest friends and loved ones. Thank you, and I hope to meet more of you very special people soon. Marty, you really made our day with your personal tale of discovering the park as a child, and your love affair with that magnificant place."

David B.
Juneau, AK

"Fabulous stay. We had a wonderful time. The staff was friendly and helpful, the food and cocktails very good. We will stay again and I am recommending the hotel to others. Thank you all. Oh and by the way the piano play was icing on the cake, brilliant."

Ian M.
Sonoma, CA

"I brought a group of students to hike Half Dome. I have done this for the past 6 years. Each time, we stayed in the Housekeeping camp. The facility is always clean, and the people in the offices, store and all other areas have been very courteous, helpful and friendly. They have always gone out of their way to make our stay pleasant. They are quick to respond to problems, open to requests and suggestions, and just very nice to deal with. Thank you."

David G.
Panorama City, CA

"We had a wonderful visit to Yosemite. We stayed at the Wawona Hotel for the first time. I want to thank the following employees: Robin, Dave, Jan, Leila and Tom at the piano for being kind, friendly and helpful. True customer service from people who love their jobs!!!"

Elizabeth G.
Oakland, CA

"Badger Pass Ski area - Presidents Day weekend 2008. My family and another's first trip to Badger pass ski area. Yes, admittedly this was the busiest day of the year for visiting badger pass. anxious skiers packed in all trying to access tickets and rentals at the same time. So you would expect a scathing review from me? NO WAY!! If it were me working there, I would me tearing my hair out. But the entire staff there from the parking attendents to ticket vendors to food service, regardless of the crowds handled every aspect of our visit with professionalism and courtesey. The family travelling with us were on the slopes in no time while i passed on the opportunity to watch my young son get his first lesson at the badger pups ski school. The instructors were unbelievably great dealing with the first timers. My son and the others were skiing and condifident in no time. Sincere Kudos the the Badger Pups School for making this one of the happiest days for this proud dad!. See you again next season!!!"

Dan G.
Foothill Ranch, CA

"Our family has returned year after year to beautiful Yosemite Lodge after Xmas. The rooms are comfortable , the food is excellent. Badger Pass has beautiful manicured slopes and no lines. As close to heaven as one can get on earth1"

Janey D.
Palmdale, CA

"This was my granddaughters first visit and it won't be her last. We stayed at the Tenaya Lodge for two nights and loved having the two pools. The next three nights where spent at the Ahwahnee, two of which where in the Mary Curry-Tresidder room and what a treat it was. When the door opened my 5 year old Granddaughter said "Nana it's the Princess room". She loved the dressing table and the canopy bed, plus a wondeful view of upper Yosemite Falls. We stayed in a standard room the first night and housekeeping made it very special by having her name spelled out in chocolates on her bed. When we arrived it was a very sunney day and then it turned cold the next day and then we woke up to Winter Wonderland, dreams do come true in Disneyland & Yosemite."

Barbara A.
Camarillo, CA

"Had a great stay; you're doing a wonderful job with Yosemite. Had a very positive experience with "Greg" at Yosemite Lodge; he helped recover my wife's lost purse she'd left at the restaurant. Very friendly, helpful. Thanx so much!!"

David R.
El Sobrante, CA

"January '07 our stay was $224. This year it's $429 and check in isn't until 5 pm. Ouch! Service has improved."

Lance B. 
Modesto, CA

"Having our wedding in The Ahwahnee was the best we could ever hope for. Almost 8 years later, our guests still talk about the attention to detail, and genuine hospitality everyone at Yosemite provided. From the bus driver/naturalist to the hotel staff and excellent pastry cook. We hope to have many anniversary celebrations with The Ahwahnee and Yosemite as backdrops. Winter is the best time to visit. Everything just seems to slow down, and stop in time."

Trevor G.
San Jose, CA

"The dining room at the Wawona was WONDERFUL! My son has special food needs and is unable to eat gluten. The chef and other staff were so helpful in pointing out the safe foods for him at the Sunday brunch buffet. It was so exciting that he could choose about half of what was available there! The chef even specially put together a tapioca pudding dessert for him (all other desserts contained gluten). Many thanks to the Wawona Dining Room for providing a great experience for our whole family!"

Amy R.
Brentwood, CA

"That isn ' t exact date - I was there from starting at the Mex . border May 5 as a through - hike to Canada . My girlfriend came to Mammoth where we met and hiked over from together - and had a bear and cub come into our camp at Rush Creek ; afrighted me greatly in the middle of the night as she only would leave once fed and we didn ' t do so . Crow and Sherpa came to our aid - they had had bears in their camp four out of the previuos seven nights ( Sherpa was mauled - mildly - through the side of the tent on one of thode nights . ) They were very agressive in driving away the mother and her cub . My food being well hung in a nearby Lodgepole we didn ' t lose it but did redistribute it after we drove her and her cub away - to those with cannisters and eaqting some . Too , we sent a ' party ' into the night for firewood - I didn ' t want to be in that party . I was thus not wanting to overnight outdoors again and urged my girlfriend to accelerate the pace so we wouildn ' t miss out at Tuolomne . Breathlessly I approached the ' desk ' inquiring as to accomodations and a dinner reservation ; " No is OK , sir - you got the last tent . " Whew . I LOVED the tent . I was expecting Banff or Yellowstone type log lodge as I hustled across Lisle Creek hurrying to get there in time and scanning the tree tops and forest ahead for such . I was so pleasantly surprised . I became quite adept at operating the stove . Thanks so much ."

Rafter Jack
Norwalk, CT

"We had a truely wonderful time at Vogelsang High Sierra Camp. The staff was caring and professional. The nature was unbelievable. Finally, the hike was long enough to enjoy the exercise and appreciate the beds, but not so long as to wear down the kids. I can see why resevations at the camp are so difficult to obtain. A family memory that will persist long after the Disney trips and water parks have faded into a blur of mediocraty. "

Grant H.
Owatonna, MN

"We have stayed at Wawona every Thanksgiving for the past 10 years, we think that says it all."

Peter D.
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

"Our family has been going to Yosemite and staying in Housekeeping for three years with a group of friends. This is by far the best trips we take each year. We travel alot as a family and we wouldn't miss this trip every year in May with our friends for anything!"

Rhonada & Brent C.
Ukiah, CA

"We had a wonderful time staying at Housekeeping Camp right by the Merced River. The river scene was just gorgeous. Too bad we didn't bring any swimming suit. But we made it up by watching the star on the river side before we slept. They have hot showers and towel service. This is an awesome way of spending some time together with nature and friends/families."

Cecilia C.
Fremont, CA

"We loved The Ahwahnee However I am sorry that we cannot fill out your survey. It is too time consuming so I will tell you that the rooms were clean, the staff friendly and knowledgeableand everything was comfortable. The food in the dinning room was excellent and we would stay at your wonderful hotel again and recommend it to friends. I wish there had been more water in the rive falls and lakes but I guess that The Ahwahnee is not in control of that."

Caroline A.
Los Angeles, CA


"I fell in love with Yosemite on Saturday in July 1995. I had some serious stuff going on in my life and needed to get away for the day. I drove to Yosemite for the day. Oh My Gosh, what a treasure we have. I started dating again and took my date to Yosemite at leave 2 times a months while we were dating. It was a cool September sunset at Glacier Point where I asked her to marry me. She said yes. WE were married at the Wawona Hotel the Following October. We have done every hike out of the Valley Floor and have been on top of Half Dome 3 times. We NEVER get tired of going to Yosemite!"

Todd E.
Clovis, CA

"I first set eyes upon Yosemite Valley in 1998 . My fiance had never been so we went in 2005 and have made this trip up together for 5 years now. I am in awe everytime I go. I think it is the most beautiful place on earth. So beautiful that we bacame engaged at Vernal Falls in June of 2008 and are getting married June 12, 2010 in the Valley. We are looking foward to this wonderful time in our lives in the most awe inspiring place that holds a special place in our hearts."

Sheri G.
Corona, CA

"Yosemite is so special to me because that is where my husband of 12 years first asked me to marry him. At the base of Half Dome, he pulled out a bottle of champagne, two engraved glasses and a beautiful ring! We were intending to go to the top of Half Dome, but the rain and lightning prevented our ascent. It was magical! We have climbed Half Dome, Cloud's Rest, and nearly all of the falls, but that "almost" climb was definitely the most memorable. We have so many amazing memories of our time spent in the valley. This year we are bringing 5 other families with us to enjoy the splendor of Yosemite. And we will show our two boys where mom and dad first fell in love."

Janet K.
San Ramon, CA

"My husband and I came to Yosemite for the first time. We came to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. We stayed at the Wawona Hotel and it was so beautiful! More impressive was the incredible way we were treated by all of the staff. We were made to feel like very special guests! Thank you for making our very special occasion perfect!"

Kathryn F.
Lakeside, CA

"I am not sure words can describe the awsomeness of our stay. We got married in Yosemite Valley Chapel with our reception at the Yosemite Lodge at the Falls, it was incredible! The staff was gracious, helpful, attentive, detailed, pleasant, and kind as can be. I put everything together online and over the phone from Texas and my wedding weekend went off with out a hitch, much do to the amazing staff at Yosemite. They helped us create lasting life long fantastic memories. Thanks for all you did. You are to commended! It was all BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!!!"

Monica S.
Corpus Christi, TX

"Everything about our 35th Anniversary trip was OVER THE TOP. Excellent food in the Dining Room AND the BAR. You must try an "EL Capitini"! The entire staff from the moment we arrived to the moment we left was friewndly, courteous, and helpful; they reaaly made the stay a great experience. The Ahwahnee Hotel is one one the best resorts we have ever stayed at and the US Park Service should be proud of the experience they provide."

James & Norma R.
San Mateo, CA

"I booked the Ahwahnee for my spring wedding and could not have been more pleased. The scenery was amazing, the hotel itself was lovely and the staff was the best I have ever encountered. Everything was perfect, the food, the service, the decor... From my first contact with the staff to the event itself, everyone was professional and kind. The Ahwahnee Hotel and its staff provided me a dream wedding and I will be forever greatful."

Jennifer W.
Florida City, FL

"21 years ago my boyfriend brought me to Yosemtie, I was 19. 19 years went by and we re-connected. We returned for the first time together in 21 years on May 9, 2004 (He had returned with his buddies through out the years) A few weeks ago, on April 19th 2008 we were married in the Chapel and had our reception at the Cliff Room. It was beautiful. We return twice a year and renew our souls. We Love to hike and be surrounded by nature. Yosemite is a very special place for us."

Alma S.
Downey, CA

"We were visiting the park in 2003 just after our engagement. I was working on my dissertation proposal in the Ahwahnee Great Room and my husband was on a hike up over Vernal Falls. At dinner that evening with friends in that magnificent dining room we realized we had come to the same conclusion: we have to get married HERE! So of course we did?.May 15 2004 and we even had that perfect 80 degree spring day. All of our guests continue to rave 4 years later about how wonderful everything was?.the deer that came to observe the ceremony?the wedding dinner?the band? the cake?the Ahwahnee brunch the next morning?.and of course the views that never leave you. We continue to love and cherish Yosemite and have been back to the Ahwahnee to celebrate our anniversary and will go again this year in May."

Mylea C.
San Francisco, CA

"Our son married in the chapel & we all stayed at the magnificant Ahwannee. What a superb time. His wedding in the gorgeous chapel followed by a MAGNIFICANT reception at the Ahwannee was UNFORGETTABLE. All the Australian (& American) guests were blown away. A definite highlight to our US holiday."

Judy C.
Victoria, AUS

"Having our wedding in The Ahwahnee was the best we could ever hope for. Almost 8 years later, our guests still talk about the attention to detail, and genuine hospitality everyone at Yosemite provided. From the bus driver/naturalist to the hotel staff and excellent pastry cook. We hope to have many anniversary celebrations with The Ahwahnee and Yosemite as backdrops. Winter is the best time to visit. Everything just seems to slow down, and stop in time."

Trevor G.
San Jose, CA

"As a child, my father took me there and I fell in love with Yosemite. As a result, my husband and I got married there in 1995. A simple call to the parks dept. provided me with a package, with a list of anything & everything I could possibly want or need. I highly recommend getting married there. I got married in the chapel and was allowed to ring the bell. All my photos were outside and as you can imagine, were beutiful. I arranged everything from 3,000 miles away and everything turned out exactly as I had planed. FYI, you can 'weed' out the undesirable people we sometimes have to invite, because it is a long drive into the park. Magically, they declined to attend my wedding. Cost was very reasonable & everyone was wonderful. It was unforgetable."

Gail H.
Valley Stream, NY

"For our 25th anniversary there was no better place to be. Yosemite inspires peace, love, and serenity."

Ann M.
Desert Hot Springs, CA


"Just returned from a Chef's Holiday experience. The classes were interesting, the food was delicious, and Yosemite was breathtaking, so quiet and peaceful. I would only add one thing and that would be the recipes from the Gala Dinner. I would love to try and create the meal at home."

Irene T.
Cardiff, CA

"My husband and I went on the 2-hour tour last weekend when we were visiting for Valentines Day. The tour guide was excellent. He had some much interesting info. about the history of the park, the wildlife and plants, and the indians who once inhabited the area. He was facinating."

Maggie B.
Boulder Creek, CA

"My husband and I were the first of sixteen people to arrive at the Glacier Ski Hut. Bernie wasn't officially on duty yet, but he warmly greeted us and made us immediately feel at home. He was an incredible host and went out of his way to make each and every person happy. My only regret is that we were in a hurry to catch the bus back to the valley and ran out of time to stop by the nordic center to tell his boss what a fine person he has operating the ski hut."

Jeanette B.
Mendocino, CA

"My boyfriend Nathan and I made a road trip from Olympia, Washington to Yosemite this summer. We called on the way down to see if we could sign up with a rock climbing class. Unfortunately, they were all full! So we went with a private guide for 6 hours instead. Turned out to be an excellent choice! Chris was our guide. He was very patient, thorough and encouraging. I had some troubles with feeling confident enough to finish climbs, and he just said, "Just put your foot here." On this little speck?? "Yes, and shift your weight." No way!! "Yes." With simple, quiet yet insistent coaching, we ended up doing 8 routes that day, all the way up to a 5.10, as beginners. I would totally recommend him to anyone and everyone! We wish there was some way to show our gratitude and enjoyment from that day. It opened up a whole new world to us and wouldn't have been the same without him. Thank you Chris!"

Janell R.
Tenino, WA

"I had a great time in Yosemite. Almost every day, I went rafting. It was very beautiful and enjoyable. I highly reccomend it to anyone who wants to visit."

Candice J.
Chula Vista, CA

"My husband & I took the Grand Tour and not only was the tour wonderful, but our bus driver/guide was knowledgeable and eager to share his knowledge."

Sharon G.
Huntingdon Valley, PA
"We went on the grand tour guided bus tour, and it was great. We were a family of 4 and all had a great time. We got to see exciting sights and had a great lunch at Wawona Hotel. Our tour guide, Bill, was great!"

Gardena, CA

"This was our 5th Chef's Holiday Event and we're coming back for more!! It's so well done, delicious and the surrounding couldn't be better. The Ahwahnee in the winter is spectacular and the hotel staff make you feel like family. A MUST do!!!"

Cliff and Karen V.
Irvine, CA

"It is the second time that we have stayed in Yosemite and we loved it. We did the evening tour of the valley and had a wonderful ranger for our guide. I think Yosemite is an amazing place that is undescribable. You have to see it to believe the beauty. We will be back for another visit soon."

Claire L.

"Your exquisite production of The Bracebridge Dinner provided a transcendant experience for our family ... one happily created and now to be treasured forever. We will "Take the seed of abiding peace" with us always! Kudos to cast, crew, and the entire Ahwahnee Hotel team. Warmest Regards, Michael "

Michael T
Palm Beach, FL