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Glen Aulin High Sierra Camp

Estabished 1927

White Cascade next to Glen Aulin

Elevation: 7800 ft. (2378 m)
8 cabins with a total occupancy of 32 guests. Showers not available.

Glen Aulin is one of the easiest camps to hike to as the trail from Soda Springs follows the Tuolumne River and its meadows most of the way.  The camp is set alongside the 80 ft. high White Cascade and its lovely pool.  Campers enjoy catching the sunset from a nearby promontory with a view of Mt. Conness.  Located in a geological wonderland, Glen Aulin offers a great view down the Tuolumne River and the Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne.  A popular daytrip down to Waterwheel Falls passes through this unique granite canyon with California Fall & LeConte Fall along the way. 

Glen Aulin History

The original camp was located in the flat, peaceful valley just downstream from the present location.  This valley was named by James McCormick, a USGS topographer, in 1913.  The correct Gaelic spelling is Glean Alainn, for ‘beautiful valley or glen’, but McCormick spelled it differently to aid pronunciation. In 1923 Glen Aulin was chosen as a likely spot to add a hikers’ camp and the Yosemite National Park Company built the camp in 1927.  Mosquitoes proved to be too annoying and the camp moved to its present site alongside the White Cascade.  The original rate was a dollar a day and a dollar per meal.